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Mezzeh (Arabic: المزة‎, transcribit as al-Mazzah, el-Mezze an aw) is a relatively new neebourheid o Damascus, Sirie. It lees tae the soothwast o central Damascus, alang the Mezzeh heich-gate. It stairtit gainin importance when the French constructit the Mezzeh military airport there, which wis the main airport in Damascus till Damascus Internaitional Airport wis opened. It held the notorious Mezzeh prison till 2000 an aw. The current presidential palace in on the top o Munt Mezzeh an owerleuks aw o Damascus.

Modren Mezzeh[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mezzeh is nouadays ane o the maist modren an expensive auries o Damascus, especially the auries alang the Mezzeh heich-gate. It is also a major embassy neebourheid.

Coordinates: 33°30′11″N 36°15′30″E / 33.50306°N 36.25833°E / 33.50306; 36.25833