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Metsatöll at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in Helsinki, Finland.
Background information
OreiginTallinn, Estonie
GenresFolk metal, Hivy metal, Fowk muisic
Years active1999–present
LabelsUniversal Records
Associate actsHuman Ground, Loits, Paskar Kolgats
MembersRaivo "KuriRaivo" Piirsalu
Markus "Rabapagan" Teeäär
Lauri "Varulven" Õunapuu
Marko Atso
Past membersSilver "Factor" Rattasepp
Andrus Tins

Metsatöll is a Fowk metal baund frae Estonie. Monie o their sangs is based on the weirs o unthirldom o the 13t an 14t centuries. Their name is taen frae an auld Estonien wurd frae wowf.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

Metsatöll stairtit playin thegither in 1998 as a thrie-piece baund, playin epic hivy metal wi a tait tift frae auntient Estonien fowklair in their leirical themes. Ae year efter, they set furth their first album, Terast mis hangund me hinge (Steel Frozen in wir Sauls). It wes duin wi live recordin, an nae fowk instruments ava. The sound quality o thir recordins is gey laich, an ainlie fower hunner copies wes furthset..

In 2000, a chiel cried Lauri Õunapuu, that wes a guid frien o the baund, jyned. He haed watched their wark wi intress an haed while played wi thaim onstage. He haed sel-taucht himsel twa-thrie Estonien fowk instruments (atweil, he leads warkshops in Estonie tae leir fowk tradeitional liltin) an the baund suin cam tae see whit wey the fowk muisic an metal cuid be jyned. Synesen the metal riffs o Metsatöll haes been jyned wi mair runo-liltin an fowk melodies.

Bassist Andrus Tins quat the baund in 2001 an wes replacit efter a wee reinge by KuriRaivo. The baund set furth the single Hundi Loomine (Makin a Wowf) in 2002, alang wi a video. The sang got guid reviews an media attention in Estonie, an wes seen as a guid influence in makkin fowklair relevent tae yung fowk by uissin it in a modren contex. At the stairt o 2004, drummer Factor quat the baund tae focus on his scientific wark an wes replaced by Atso.

At the hinnend o thon year, the baund pit out their seicond album, Hiiekoda (My Hame, My Halie Shaw). This haed mair in the wey o tradietional Estonien muisic in it nor the first album. The follaein year, Metsatöll re-recordit their first album an cryed it Terast mis hangunud me hinge 10218 (the nummer bein hou auld the warld is accordin tae auld Estonien reckonin). It is a mair professional tak on the first release, an is mairy fowky an aw. The baund haes twa live albums, Lahinguväljal näeme, raisk! (See ye on the Battlefield, bastart!) an Raua needmine (Cursin the Airn), that they did wi the Estonien Male Choir. Atween thier raicords an their ithir twa albums Sutekskäija (Werewowf) an their newest raicord Iivakivi (Stane o Grawth), the baund haes become ane the tap-five sellin airtists in Estonie (the kintra haes ainlie about 1.3 million indwallers, but the metal scene is gey unnergrund fer ordinar).

Line-up[eedit | eedit soorce]

Current Members[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Markus "Rabapagan" Teeäär — Liltin, guitar
  • Lauri "Varulven" Õunapuu — Liltin, guitar, flutes, torupill (Estonian bagpipes), kannel an ither fowk instruments
  • KuriRaivo — Bass, liltin
  • Atso — Drums, liltin

Umwhile Members[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Silver "Factor" Rattasepp — Drums
  • Andrus Tins — Bass

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Terast mis hangund me hinge (Of the steel that is condensed in our souls) (1999)
  • Hiiekoda (Holy forest's temple) (2004)
  • Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218 (Of the steel that is condensed in our souls 10218) (2005)
  • Sutekskäija (Werewolf) (2006)
  • Lahinguväljal näeme, raisk! (See you in the battlefield, dammit!) (CD/DVD) (2006)
  • Raua needmine (Cursing the iron) (CD/DVD) (2006)
  • Iivakivi (Stone of Growth) (CD) (2008)
  • Äio (CD) (2010)

Fremmit Airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]