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Merikukka Forsius

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Merikukka Forsius (born 12 August 1972, in Helsinki) is a Finnish politeecian an member o the Finnish Pairlament, representin the centre-richt Naitional Coalition Pairty (Kokoomus). She wis first electit tae pairlament in 1999 frae the Finnish Green League, but defectit tae Naitional Coalition Pairty in 2008. She haes been a member o the ceety cooncil o Vihti frae 1997 tae 2003 an aw.

Forsius has a master's degree in education frae the University o Turku. She haes been marriet twice. She haes twa sons: Dan (born 2004) wi her seicont husband Harry Harkimo, an Jim (born 2008). Forsius an Harkimo divorcit efter Dan's birth. Forsius wis involvit wi prime meenister Matti Vanhanen durin spring an simmer 2007. In September 2007 she engagit Vihti municipal manager Petri Härkönen, but they split up in November.

Forsius currently lives in Vihti wi her sons. She left her pairlamentar wirk for maternity leave in Mey 2008.[1]

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