Maywood, Illinois

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Maywood, Illinois
Motto: "Veelage o Eternal Licht"
Kintra Unitit States
State Illinois
Coonty Cook
Tounship Proviso
Aurie 2.72 sq mi (7 km2)
 - laund 2.72 sq mi (7 km2)
 - watter 0.00 sq mi (0 km2)
Population 24,090 (2010)
Density 8,856.6/sq mi (3,420/km2)
Timezone CST (UTC-6)
 - simmer (DST) CDT (UTC-5)
Postal code 60153, 60154, 60155
Area code 708
Location o Maywood within Illinois
Location o Maywood within Illinois
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Maywood is a smaa town locatit in the US state o Illinois. It isnae far frae the ceety o Chicago, aboot 16 km. In the census o 2000, thare wis 26,987 indwallers. O this figur 9.7 % recognise thairsels as White, 0.3 % as Asie, 82.7 % Bleck, 10.5% Hispanic an 5,6 % as anither ethnic minoritie. The aurie o the toun is 12.7 square miles (33 km2). Maywood wis offeecially foondit in 1869.

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