Maximilian I o Mexico

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Maximilian I
Coat of arms of Mexico (1864-1867).svg
Arms o the Emperor o Mexico.
Emperor o Mexico
Ring 10 June 1864 – 19 Juin 1867
Predecessor Monarchy re-established
(Benito Juárez, President o Mexico)
Successor Monarchy abolished
(Benito Juárez, President o Mexico)
Born 6 Julie 1832(1832-07-06)
Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austrick
Dee'd 19 Juin 1867(1867-06-19) (aged 34)
Cerro de las Campanas, Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico
Buirial Imperial Crypt, Vienna, Austrick
Spouse Charlotte o Belgium
Full name
Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph Maria
Hoose Habsburg-Lorraine
Faither Archduke Franz Karl o Austrick
Mither Princess Sophie o Bavarie
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Seegnatur Cursive signature in ink

Maximilian I (Spanish: Maximiliano I; 6 Julie 1832 – 19 Juin 1867) wis the only monarch o the Seicont Mexican Empire.

Efter a distinguished career in the Austrian Navy, he wis proclaimed Emperor o Mexico on 10 Aprile 1864, wi the backin o Napoleon III o Fraunce an a group o Mexican monarchists who soucht tae revive the Mexican monarchy. Mony foreign govrenments, includin that o the Unitit States, refused tae recognize his admeenistration. This helped tae ensure the success o republican forces led bi Benito Juárez, an Maximilian wis captured an executit in 1867.

In Mexico, he an his consort are kent as Maximiliano an Carlota.

Titles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

*6 Julie 1832 - 10 April 1864 His Imperial an Ryal Highness Airchduke an Prince Ferdinand Maximilian of Austrick, Prince o Hungary, Bohemie an Croatie.

  • 10 Aprile 1864 - 19 Juin 1867 His Imperial Majesty The Emperor o Mexico

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