Maurice Barrès

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Photo o Maurice Barrès.

Maurice Barrès (19 August 1862 – 4 December 1923) wis a French novelist, journalist, an socialist politeecian an agitator kent for his naitionalist an antisemitic views.

In his youth a Boulangist deputy, he progressively developed a theory close tae Romantic naitionalism an shiftit tae the traditionalist richt durin the Dreyfus Affair, leadin the Anti-Dreyfusards alangside Charles Maurras. In 1906, he wis electit baith tae the Académie française an as deputy o the Seine, an till his daith he sat wi the conservative Entente républicaine démocratique. A strang supporter o the Union sacrée (Haly Union) durin Warld War I, Barrès remained a major influence on generations o French writers, as well as on monarchists, altho he wis no a monarchist hissel.