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Matti Ahde (2013)

Matti Allan Ahde (born 23 December 1945, Oulu) is a Finnish politeecian frae the Social Democratic Pairty.

He wis member o the parliament frae 1970 tae 1990, when he left tae become CEO o state monopoly Veikkaus. Ahde hauld meenister posts in Sorsa cabinets 1982-1987 an wis electit tae the position o the speaker o the parliament in 1987.[1] He wis replacit as the speaker bi Kalevi Sorsa in 1989 when Sorsa stepped doun frae Holkeri cabinet tae mak position available for pairty chairman Pertti Paasio.

Ahde quit as CEO o Veikkaus in 2001 an wis re-electit tae the parliament in 2003.

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Poleetical offices
Precedit bi
Ilkka Suominen
Speaker o the Parliament o Finland
Succeedit bi
Kalevi Sorsa