Mathieu Kérékou

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Mathieu Kérékou
Preses o Benin
In office
Aprile 4, 1996 – Aprile 6, 2006
Precedit biNicéphore Soglo
Succeedit biYayi Boni
In office
October 26, 1972 – Aprile 4, 1991
Precedit biJustin Ahomadégbé-Tomêtin
Succeedit biNicéphore Soglo
Personal details
Born2 September 1933(1933-09-02)
Kouarfa, French Dahomey
Poleetical pairtyFowk's Revolutionary Pairty o Benin (1975–1990)
ReligionEvangelical Christianity

Mathieu Kérékou, (born 2 September 1933[1]; died 14 October 2015) wis Preses o Benin frae 1972 tae 1991 an again frae 1996 tae 2006. Efter seizin pouer in a militar coup, he ruled the kintra for 17 years, for maist o that time unner an offeecially Marxist-Leninist ideology, afore he wis stripped o his pouers bi the Naitional Conference o 1990. He wis defeatit in the 1991 presidential election, but wis returned tae the presidency in the 1996 election an controversially re-electit in 2001.

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