Marie Thérèse de Choiseul

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Marie Thérèse de Choiseul
Princess Joseph o Monaco
Coat o arms o Marie Thérèse de Choiseul as Princess Joseph o Monaco.
Full name
Marie Thérèse Françoise de Choiseul
Dee'd27 Julie 1794 (aged 27)
Paris, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Joseph Grimaldi o Monaco
Camille, Marquise o La Tour du Pin
Athénais, Marquise o Louvois
FaitherJacques Philippe de Choiseul, Duke o Stainville
MitherThomasse Thérèse de Clermont

Marie Thérèse Françoise de Choiseul (1767–27 Julie 1794) wis a French noblewoman an later a member o the Hoose o Grimaldi bi mairiage. She wis also a niece o Étienne François de Choiseul, Duke o Choiseul (a minister o Keeng Louis XV) She wis executed in the French Revolution.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Marie Thérèse mairit Prince Joseph o Monaco on 6 Aprile 1782. The mairiage produced three childer, only one o whom left descendants

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Princess Marie Camille Grimaldi o Monaco (22 Aprile 1784 – 8 Mai 1879) mairit René, Marquis o La Tour du Pin an haed issue.
  2. Princess Athénais Grimaldi o Monaco (2 Juin 1786 – 11 September 1860) mairit Auguste Le Tellier, Marquis o Louvois but haed nae issue.
  3. Princess Delphine Grimaldi o Monaco (born 22 Julie 1788)

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