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Marie Marguerite Bouvet (14 Februar 1865 – 27 Mey 1915) wis a writer o bairn's buiks. Bairn i New Orleans to French parents, she livit maist o her childhood wi her paternal grandparents i Lyon, Fraunce. She wint tae Loquet-Leroy Female Institute i New Orleans faer school. She graduatit i 1885 frae St. Mary's College i Knoxville Illinois. Her first buik wis publishit i 1890 titlted Sweet William. She deid i Reading, Pennsylvanie where she wis livin.[1]

Principle Werks[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Sweet William (1890)
  • Little (1885)
  • Prince Tip-Top (1892)
  • My Lady (1894)
  • A Child of Tuscany (1895)
  • Pierrette (1896)
  • A Little House in Pimlico (1897)
  • Tales of an Old Château (1899)
  • Fluers de Poétes et des Prosateurs Français (1900)
  • Bernardo and Laurette (1901)
  • The Smile of the Sphinx (1911)

Soorces[eedit | eedit soorce]