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Margaret Waters

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Margaret Waters wis an Inglis murderess hanged bi executioner William Calcraft on 11 October 1870 at Horsemonger Lane Gaol (kent as Surrey County Gaol an aw) in Lunnon.

Waters wis born in 1835 an livit in Brixton.[1] She wis kent for baby-fermin, that is, takkin in ither weemen's childer for money; a practice aften resultin in infanticide.

Waters druggit an starvit the infants in her care an is believit tae hae killed at least 19 childer.[1] Chairgit wi five coonts of wilful murther as well as neglect an conspiracy, Waters wis convictit o murtherin an infant namit John Walter Cowen. Her sister, Sarah Ellis, wis convictit in the same case for obtainin money unner false pretences an sentencit tae aichteen months o hard labour.

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