Malaysia Airlines Flicht 370

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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia AL (MAS) 9M-MRO - MSN 28420 404 (9272090094).jpg
9M-MRO, the missin aircraft, photographed at Charles de Gaulle Airport in 2011
Missin aircraft summary
Date 8 Mairch 2014 (2014-03-08)
Summary Missin
Passengers 227
Crew 12
Aircraft type Boeing 777-2H6ER
Operator Malaysia Airlines
Registration 9M-MRO
Flicht origin Kuala Lumpur Internaitional Airport
Destination Beijing Capital Internaitional Airport

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370[lower-alpha 1]) wis a scheduled internaitional passenger flicht frae Kuala Lumpur Internaitional Airport tae Beijing Capital Internaitional Airport. At 07:24 MST on 8 Mairch 2014 Malaysia Airlines reportit that the aircraft fleein the route, a Boeing 777-200ER haed lost contact wi Subang Air Traffic Control ootside Kuala Lumpur.[2] The aircraft haed last been heard frae at 01:20,[3] less than a oor efter takaff.[lower-alpha 2] Operatit bi Malaysia Airlines (MAS), the aircraft carriet 12 Malaysie crew members an 227 passengers frae 14 naitions.[4]

A multi-naitional search an rescue effort, later reportit as the lairgest in history,[5] wis initiatit in the Gulf o Thailand an the Sooth Cheenae Sea.[6][7] Athin a few days, this wis extendit tae include the Strait o Malacca an Andaman Sea.[8][9][10] On 15 Mairch, based on militar radar data an "pings" atween the aircraft an a Inmarsat satellite, investigators concludit that it haed first heidit wast athort the Malay Peninsula, then continued on a northren or soothren track for approximately seiven oors.[11][12][13] The search in the Sooth Cheenae Sea wis abandoned.[14] Three days later the Australian Maritime Safety Authority began searchin the soothren pairt o the Indie Ocean.

On 24 Mairch, the Malaysie govrenment confirmit twa independently made analyses bi the Breetish Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) an Inmarsat, an concludit "beyond any reasonable doubt", that the aircraft haed gane doun in the soothren pairt o the Indie Ocean wi nae survivors. This conclusion led tae aw earlier search auries bein abandoned, wi aw efforts bein concentratit on the Australie-led aurie.[15][16][17]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. MH is the IATA designator an MAS is the ICAO designator[1] The flicht is mercatit as China Southern Airlines Flicht 748 (CZ748) throu a codeshare
  2. Initial reports on 8 Mairch statit that contact haed been lost at 02:40. This wis chyngit tae 01:30 bi the Media Statement at 02:00 on 9 Mairch[2] an then tae 01:20 bi the Malaysie Director General o Ceevil Avation athoot comment or explanation.

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