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Makemake 🝼
Makemake an its muin, as seen bi the Hubble Space Telescope
Discovered bi
Discovery dateMairch 31, 2005
MPC designation(136472) Makemake
Named after
2005 FY9
Dwarf planet
Orbital chairactereestics[2]
Epoch JD 2457000.5 (9 December 2014)
Aphelion52.840 AU
Perihelion38.590 AU
45.715 AU
309.09 yr (112,897 d)
4.419 km/s
Kent satellites1
Pheesical chairacteristics
  • (1434+48
    ) × (1420+18
  • (1502±45) × (1430±9) km[4]
Mean radius
  • 715+19
  • 739±17 km[4]
Surface area
(6.9±0.3)×106 km2[c][5]
Vollum(1.7±0.1)×109 km3[c][6]
Mass< 4.4 × 1021 kg
Mean density
1.4–3.2 g/cm3[3] <3.05 g/cm3
7.771±0.003 h[7]
Temperatur32–36 K (single-terrain model)
40–44 K (twa-terrain model)[4]
Spectral teep
B−V=0.83, V−R=0.5[8]
17.0 (opposeetion)[9][10]

Makemake (meenor-planet designation 136472 Makemake, seembol: 🝼)[11] is a dwarf planet an aiblins the lairgest Kuiper belt object (KBO) in the clessical population,[a] with a diameter approximately two thirds that of Pluto.[16][17] Makemake haes ane kent satellite, S/2015 (136472) 1.[18] Makemake’s extremely law average temperatur, aboot 30 K (−243.2 °C), means its surface is covered wi methane, ethane, an possibly nitrogen ices.[13]

  1. a b Astronomers Mike Brown, David Jewitt an Marc Buie clwssify Makemake as a near scattered object but the Minor Planet Center, frae which Wikipaedia draws maist o its defineetions for the trans-Neptunian population, places it amang the main Kuiper belt population.[12][13][14][15]
  2. Calculatit uisin (a−b)/a an the dimensions frae [4]
  3. a b Calculatit uisin the dimensions frae [4] assumin an oblate spheroid.


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