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Maarja Kivi

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Marya Roxx
Marya Roxx in 2009
Background information
Birth nameMaarja Kivi
Born (1986-01-18) 18 Januar 1986 (age 38)
OreiginTallinn, Estonie
GenresHard rock, hivy metal
ThriftSangster, sangwriter
InstrumentsVocals, bass
Years active1993–present
LabelsGlobal Music Group
Associate actsVanilla Ninja

Marya Roxx (born Maarja Kivi on 18 Januar 1986 in Tallinn) is a hard rock/metal sangster-sangwriter residin in Los Angeles.[1] She is a umwhile member o the Estonian girl baund Vanilla Ninja.


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Maarja Kivi wan the Estonian Television childer's singin contest "Laulukarusell" ("Singin Carousel") in 1993 (at age 7), 1994 an 1998. She is the anerly body tae hae wan three times. In 1997 she wan anither contest, "Tähtede laul" ("Sang o Starns"). In 2002 she placit seivent in Eurolaul (Estonie’s sang selection contest for Eurovision).

When the girl baund Vanilla Ninja wis foondit in 2003, Kivi wis selectit as ane o the solo sangsters an the bass player. She recordit twa albums wi the baund, Vanilla Ninja an Traces Of Sadness. She left the group in mid-2004. She haes a dochter, Dora-Liisa (born 2004), an son, Angus Martin (born 2012[2]) with husband an umwhile Vanilla Ninja manager Renee Meriste.[3]

She adoptit the airtist name Marya Roxx in 2007.

Solo career

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Roxx teamed up wi producer Kevin Shirley tae record her debut album 'Payback Time'. It featurs muisickers Paul Crook, Scott Metaxas, Derek Sherinian an Brian Tichy. 21?! EP wis released frae this recordin in 2008. It contains fower sangs, "'21?!'", "Oh Yeah", "Rebel", (aw written bi Roxx), an "Nothing Going On"[4] originally recorded by Swedish band Clawfinger.[5]

In Mey 2009, she performit as the wairm-up act on the European tour o pop/rock airtist LaFee.[6] Roxx's band for her last performances was former Anthrax guitarist Paul Crook, Scott Metaxas and Jim Roe.[5]

Her debut album, "Payback Time" wis publisht on 5 October 2010.[7]


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  • 2008: Payback Time


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  • "21?! Best Hard Rock Song Mavric Awards 2009 an "Rebel" Best Punk Song Mavric Awards 2009).[8]
  • European Tour 2009
  • UK Tour 2009
  • Time To Run 2010 Tour
  • Rebel Wave 2010 Tour


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