Ma'adim Vallis

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Ma'adim Vallis is ane o the lairgest canyons on Maurs, aboot 434 mile lang an a guid bit mair muckle not the Yirds's Grand Canyon. It is ower 12 mile braid an 1.24 mile deep in some places. It rins frae a region o soothren lawlands thocht tae hae ance conteent a lairge group o lochs north tae Gusev Crater naur the equator.

Ma'adim Vallis is thocht tae hae been cairved bi flowin watter early in Maurs' historie. A puckle o the short nairae lades alang the waws o Ma'adim is aiblins sappin lades. Sappin occurs whan grundwatter pairtially dissolves an unnermines the stane that syne collapses intil debris deposits an is haigelt awa bi ither erosion processes.

Ma'adim is the Hebrew name o the Planet Maurs.