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Mànran is a baund that wis establisht in Juin 2010.[1] The baund plays a mixtur o styles incorporatin Gaelic tradeetions, Scottish fowk music an Rock.

The memers o Mànran are Norrie MacIver (guitar/vocals), Gary Innes (accordion), Ewen Henderson (fiddle/pipes), Calum Stewart (flutes/uilleann pipes), Ross Saunders (bass) an Scott Mackay (drums).

Thay participatit in the Hebridean Celtic Festival 2010[2] an performit BBC Alba's Ceilidh na Bliadhn' Uire 2010 (Hogmanay Ceilidh 2010) programme.[3]

On the 17t o Januar the baund released thair first single "Latha Math"[4] an are aimin tae hae the first Gaelic sang in the Top 40 for the 21st Century.[5]

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