Lyme disease

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Lyme disease
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An adult deer tick
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Lyme disease, kent as Lyme borreliosis an aw, is an infectious disease caused bi bacteria o the Borrelia teep.[1] The most common sign o infection is an expandin aurie o reidness, kent as erythema migrans, that begins at the steid o a tick bite aboot a week efter it has occurred. The rash is teepically neither itchy nor painfu. Approximately 25–50% o infectit fowk dinna develop a rash. Ither early seemptoms mey include fiver, heidache an feelin tired. If untreatit, seemptoms mey include loss o the ability tae muive ane or baith sides o the face, jynt pains, severe heidaches wi neck stiffness, or hert palpitations, amang ithers. Months tae years later, repeatit episodes o jynt pain an swellin mey occur. Occasionally, fowk develop shuitin pains or tinglin in their airms an legs. Despite appropriate treatment, aboot 10 tae 20% o fowk develop joint pains, memory problems, an feel tired for at least sax month.[2][3]

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