Lunnon Stadium

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Lunnon Stadium
View o the stadium frae the Orbit touer in Julie 2015
Location Olympic Pairk
Coordinates 51°32′19″N 0°00′59″W / 51.53861°N 0.01639°W / 51.53861; -0.01639Coordinates: 51°32′19″N 0°00′59″W / 51.53861°N 0.01639°W / 51.53861; -0.01639
Awner Greater London Authority
Operator Olympic Delivery Authority
Capacity 80,000[1]
Surface Track an field (grass)
Brak grund 2007
Biggit 2008–2011
Appent 2011
Construction cost £486 million[2]
Airchitect Populous (umwhile HOK Sport)
Structural ingineer Buro Happold
Services ingineer Buro Happold
Main contractors Sir Robert McAlpine
West Ham United (2016–present)
UK Athletics (2015–present)

The Stadium[3] at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Pairk, commonly kent as the Olympic Stadium, is a stadium locatit in Stratford, Lunnon, Ingland. It is locatit at Marshgate Lane in Lunnon's Stratford destrict in the Lower Lea Valley. It wis constructit primarily tae serve as the host stadium for the 2012 Simmer Olympics an Paralympics, whaur it hostit the track an field events, alang wi its openin an closin ceremonies. The stadium is locatit 6.5 miles (10.5 km) frae Central Lunnon, but sax minutes away frae the Lunnon St. Pancras rail station via Stratford Internaitional Highspeed rail services.

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