Lum hat

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Men performin wi lum hats upo thair heids

A lum hat is a flet-croun, braid-scruipt hat wuirn bi men an cleckit in the 1820s. It wis a gey common heidweir oot throu the 1800s an verra aerlie 1900s.

Thay wis made o stechie felt made fae beaver fur an syne for ordinar fae silk. A weel-likit version, in parteecular in the Unitit States oot throu the 19th centurie, an popularised bi Abraham Lincoln in his presidency wis the "stovepipe hat". The stovepipe hat is a bittie heicher an disna git braider naur the tap.

Some lum hats (cried "opera hats") hae huiddins inowre makkin it collapsible.

Lum hats is whiles associate wi stage cantrips.