Luca Turilli

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Luca Turillli (born 5 March 1972, Triest) is an Italian muisicker (maistly a guitarist) an componer. He is ane o foondin members o the influential Pouer metal baund Rhapsody of Fire - the baund that he is the ae leeracist o (forby ae sang, Il Canto del Vento bi singer Fabio Lione) an, alang wi keybuirist Alex Staropoli, heidmaist componer o muisic.

Forby his wark in Rhapsody of Fire, Turilli haes twa by-projects, Luca Turilli an Luca Turilli's Dreamquest. He compones aw the muisic for baith thir projects that's in mony weys seemilar tae his main baund. He plays keybuirds raither nor guitar in Luca Turilli's Dreamquest.

Acause o his clessical backgrund (unner the influence o his faither he learnt pianae an guitar in clessical styles), his metal styles is unco influenced bi clessical muisic, an is aften gey melodic an complicate.

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