Luís Pérez Figueroa

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Monument tae Luis Perez Figueroa in Acatlán de Pérez Figueroa

Luis Pérez Figueroa (1833 - 1903) was a Mexican general who focht in the war o unthirldom that follaeed the French intervention in Mexico.

Militar career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Luis Pérez Figueroa wis born on 22 Mairch 1833 in Salvatierra, Guanajuato. He joined the naitional airmy at the age o twinty in March 1853 as a seicont lieutenant in the infantry, an wis promotit tae first lieutenant in 1855. He played an active role in the war o intervention, fechtin successfully against imperial troops in the muntains o Teotitlan an Tuxtepec. He wis a signatory tae the Plan which defendit the toun o Tuxtepec.[1] As a colonel, on the 25t o Apryle 1865 he defeatit French forces at San Miguel Soyaltepec (nou covered bi the Miguel Aleman Dam), which wis renamit Patriótica Villa de San Miguel Soyaltepec in 1868 in honor o this battle.[2] In 1866 he became a brigadier general, an on 18 October 1866 his brigade focht on the richt flank unner General Porfirio Díaz in the decisive Battle o La Carbonera.[3] Later he wis gien command o a diveesion.[1]

Efter the war, the Preses Benito Juárez became suspicious o Porfirio Díaz's ambitions. Figueroa supportit Juárez an urgit him tae appoint lyal govrenors in Oaxaca, Veracruz an Puebla, Díaz's pouer base. Juárez next ordered the disairmin o the Oaxacan Naitional Guards. The Zapotecs o the Ixtlan Naitional Guard believit that they haed earned the richt tae bear airms, an felt betrayed bi Juárez. At Figueroa's urgin, Juárez quietly let the matter rest.[4]

Honors[eedit | eedit soorce]

General Figueroa marriet a Oaxacan wumman an haed aicht childer. He receivit various awairds for his patriotism an courage, includin a medal for the assault an captur o Puebla in 1867. He remained in the airmy for fowerty years. He died on 23 Mey 1903 in Tlalpan in the Federal Destrict o Mexico. His funeral wis held wi full honors, an wis attendit bi the preses o the republic, Porfirio Diaz. In his memory, the Oaxaca state govrenment gave his name in October 1904 tae the Acatlán de Pérez Figueroa municipality o the Tuxtepec Destrict, Oaxaca.[1]

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