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A teepical airticle generatit bi Lsjbot
A teepical airticle generatit bi Lsjbot
Developer(s)Sverker Johansson
TeepInternet bot
WebsiteLsjbot on Swadish Wikipaedia

Lsjbot is an automatit Wikipaedia airticle-creatin program, or internet bot, developit bi Sverker Johansson for the Swadish Wikipaedia.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sverker Johansson, developer o Lsjbot

The program is responsible for 2.7 million airticles as o Julie 2014, twa thirds o which appear in the Cebuano Wikipaedia (the native leid o Johansson's wife Smiley); the ither third appear in the Swadish Wikipaedia. The bot can produce up tae 10,000 airticles per day. Its operation haes generatit some creeticism, frae those who suggest the stub airticles lack meaninful content an a human touch.[1] Warldwide attention wis brocht tae the bot in Julie 2014 when a profile o it appeared in The Wall Street Journal.[2] The Sydney Morning Herald compared the bot tae Phil Parker, allegitly the maist published author in human history, wha haes published ower 85,000 beuks, each o which is completit in less nor a oor uisin computers.[3] Ithers compared the development tae the recent annooncement bi the Associated Press that it planned tae uise bots tae write airticles.[4] Johansson coontered attacks on his methods bi notin that if the bot does no write airticles, "otherwise they're mainly written by young, white, male nerds and reflect male interests."[5]

On 15 Juin 2013, the Swadish Wikipaedia hit ane million airticles, the aicht leid Wikipaedia tae reach that goal. The millionth article wis creatit bi Lsjbot – which at that point haed creatit 454,000 airticles, amaist hauf the entire airticle coont o the Swadish Wikipaedia.[6] Lsjbot wis forbye responsible for helpin the Swadish Wikipaedia become the seicont edeetion o Wikipaedia tae reach 2 million airticles, which subsequently became the seicont lairgest edeetion o Wikipaedia ahint anerly its Inglis coonterpairt.

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