Los Lagos Depairtment

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Los Lagos
Departamento Los Lagos (Neuquén - Argentina).png
Kintra Argentinae
Province Neuquén
Caipital Villa La Angostura
 • Total 4,230 km2 (1,630 sq mi)
 • Tot 8,654
 • Density 2.0/km2 (5.3/sq mi)
Important ceeties

Villa La Angostura

Los Lagos is a depairtment locatit in the sooth o Neuquén Province, Argentinae.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Depairtment limits wi Lácar Depairtment at north, Rio Negro Province at the east an sootheast, wi Chile at soothwast an east.

Coordinates: 40°45′43″S 71°38′35″W / 40.76194°S 71.64306°W / -40.76194; -71.64306