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Ljubečna is located in Slovenie
Location in Slovenie
Coordinates: 46°15′18.23″N 15°19′23.15″E / 46.2550639°N 15.3230972°E / 46.2550639; 15.3230972Coordinates: 46°15′18.23″N 15°19′23.15″E / 46.2550639°N 15.3230972°E / 46.2550639; 15.3230972
Kintra Slovenie
Tradeetional regionStyrie
Statistical regionSavinja
 • Total2.29 km2 (0.88 sq mi)
260.2 m (853.7 ft)
 • Total940

Ljubečna is a dounset in the Ceety Municipality o Celje in eastren Slovenie. It is an urbanisit dounset on the northeastern ootskirts o Celje. The aurie wis traditionally pairt o the Styrie region. It is nou includit wi the rest o the municipality in the Savinja statistical region.[2]

Ivery year thare is a event cried the Gowden Accordion (Slovene: Zlata harmonika).[3] Thare is a kirk dedicatit tae St. Joseph the Wirker an aw, built in the early 1970s. The Ljubečna soil is clayey, an Ljubečna is kent for brickmakin.

Twin touns an sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ljubečna is twinned wi:

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