Liu Xiaobo

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Liu Xiaobo
Native name刘晓波
Born28 December 1955(1955-12-28)
Changchun, Jilin, Cheenae
Dee'd13 Julie 2017(2017-07-13) (aged 61)
Shenyang, Liaoning, Cheenae
EddicationBA in Cheenese
(Jilin Varsity)
(Beijing Normal Varsity)
ThriftWriter, poleetical commentator, human richts activist
Hauf-marrae(s)Tao Li (ex-wife)
Liu Xia[1] (m. 1996; his death 2017)
Awairds 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

Liu Xiaobo
Semplifeed Cheenese
Tradeetional Cheenese
Political protest in Hong Kong against the detention o Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo (pronunciation: [ljǒu ɕjàupwó]; born 28 December 1955 - 13 Julie 2017) wis a Cheenese leeterar creetic, professor, an human richts activist wha cried for democratic reforms an the end o ane-pairty rule in Cheenae.[2]

He haes servit as Preses o the Independent Cheenese PEN Center syne 2003. On 8 December 2008, Liu wis detained in response tae his participation wi Charter 08. He wis formally arrestit on 23 Juin 2009, on suspicion o "incitin subversion o state pouer."[3][4] He wis tried on the same chairges on 23 December 2009,[5] an sentenced tae eleiven years' imprisonment an twa years' deprivation o poleetical richts on 25 December 2009.[6] On 26 Juin 2017, he wis grantit medical parole efter bein diagnosed wi terminal liver cancer an he dee'd at the hospital on 13 Julie 2017.[7]

Durin his 4t prison term, he wis awardit the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, for "his lang an non-violent struggle for fundamental human richts in Cheenae."[8][9][10]

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