Linzi Destrict

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The Linzi Destrict (simplifee'd Cheenese: 临淄区; pinyin: Línzī Qū) is pairt o Zibo, a prefectur-level ceety central Shandong province, Cheenae.

Linzi wis the caipital o auncient State o Qi durin the Zhou Dynasty.

Thare are mony petro-chemical refineries in this aurie, some which are locatit in hills tae the sooth o the commercial destrict. The aurie includes agricultural laund an aw.

Linzi is ane o the maist heichly developit industrial destricts in north Cheenae wi the heichest GDP in Shandong Province.

Fowk frae Linzi[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Zuo Si (左思), poet o the Wastren Jin
  2. Zuo Fen (左芬), poet o the Wastren Jin

Coordinates: 36°49′N 118°18′E / 36.817°N 118.300°E / 36.817; 118.300