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The Liliaceae, or the lily faimily, is a faimily o monocotyledons in the order Liliales. Plants in this faimily hae linear leafs, maistly wi parallel veins but wi several hae net venation (e.g., Cardiocrinum, Clintonia, Medeola, Prosartes, Scoliopus, Tricyrtis), an flouers arranged in threes. Several hae bulbs, while ithers hae rhizomes. Shade-dwellin genera uisually hae braid, net-veined leafs, fleshy fruits wi animal-dispersed seeds, rhizomes, an smaa, inconspicuous flouers; genera native tae sunny habitats uisually hae narra, parallel-veined leafs, capsular fruits wi wind-dispersed seeds, bulbs, an lairge, visually conspicuous flouers.

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