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Liaobu (寮步) is a toun unner the jurisdiction o Dongguan prefectur-level ceety in Guangdong province, soothren Cheenae. It is vera accessible tae Hong Kong. You mey travel bi bus tae Lowu an switch tae KCR tae go tae Hong Kong. It shares the same wather condeetion as tae that o the ither provinces o Dongguan an o Hong Kong. Factories are iverywhaur. Thare is a smaw street namit mei shi jie wharein you can fynd a nummer o restaurants which are quite affordable wi generous servins. Thare is a destrict where ootlets o famous buists like Adidas, Nike an some Cheenese buists like Yishion, Anta, Peak an Erke are present an aw.

It is a busy destrict but it is quiet durin nicht time. It is quite enjoyable to stroll along the aurie durin nicht when the wather is no vera hot onymair.

Hotels in Liaobu

Gladden Hotel Heli Hotel

Restaurants In Liaobu

Chen Ji Cheenese Restaurant Ju Fu Cafe Milo Cafe Easy Pal Li Ke