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Leidenfrost effect

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The Leidenfrost effect is a pheysical effec queech happyns whe a liqooid taeches a soorface, quic is sygneeficantlie hatter thayn i's boylin poynt. Thes pradyces ae vaypour layeh o the draplet tha keeps i from baelin raepidlie. Acawis o thes, the draplet haawers ouwr the soorface, ynstaed o makin ae pheysical contak wi i.

Leidenfrost draplet (in Inglis)

Wyses in practyc[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aabody ken tha tae determyne hae hat ae paun is, ye gonnae drap uattyr on i an gin i floots, i abundantlie hat.