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Latino Moderne

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The "Latino Moderne" is a language constructit bi David Stark in 1996. It is basit in the Interlingua o IALA, borraein the vocabulary wi few modification, but spreadin a great the grammar, incorporatin things lik the declension o the verbs conformand til the person, the grammatical gender (masculine an feminine) an the accordance in nummer an gender amang nouns an adjectives. Sae, Stark's Latino Moderne is essentially the Interlingua o IALA wi a mair intricate grammar.

The samelike callin designs in Europe ither dialect o Interlingua, simplifit, aspirin tae an immediate comprehension wi nae earlier study for the 900 millions o locutors o the diverse New-Laitin langages.

Commonty[eedit | eedit soorce]

Neither commonty o active speakers o David Stark's Latino Moderne is kent at present. Wi regaird tae the ither, it gratifies tae be unnerstuid an disna desire that a wheen o fowk learns it (anly its professional users).

Sample[eedit | eedit soorce]

Patre nostre, qui es in le celos,
sanctificate sia ti nomine!
Que veni ti regno!
Sia tu volo facite, como in le celo, assi sur la terra!
Nostre pan necessari da nobis hodie,
E pardona nobis le debitas nostres, como anque pardonamus le debitores nostres.
E ne induce nes inar le tentation, ma libera nes ab le maligno,
Proque le regno e le potentia e le gloria son ties por tote le epochas. Amen.

An in the saicont Latino Moderne:

Nostre Patre qui es in le cielos,
Que tu nome sia sanctificate !
Que tu reino veni !
Que tu voluntat sia facte sure terra como in cielo !
Dona nois este jorno nostre pan quotidian,
E perdona nois nostre ofensas como nos perdona a nostre ofensores.
E non induce nois in tentation, ma libera nois del mal,
Porque son de te le reino, le pocentia e le gloria pro le sieclos de sieclos. Amen.

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