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Lars Onsager

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Lars Onsager
Lars Onsager (1968)
Born27 November 1903(1903-11-27)
Kristiania (Oslo), Norawa
Dee'd5 October 1976(1976-10-05) (aged 72)
Coral Gables, Florida, U.S.
ResidenceUnitit States
NaitionalityNorawa, U.S.
Alma mater
Kent for
Scientific career
FieldsPheesical chemist
Doctoral studentsJoseph L. McCauley[3]

Lars Onsager (November 27, 1903 – October 5, 1976)[2] wis a Norse-born American pheesical chemist an theoretical pheesicist. He held the Gibbs Professorship o Theoretical Chemistry at Yale Varsity. He wis awairdit the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1968.[4][5][6]

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