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Larisa Novoseltseva (Roushie: Лариса Новосельцева) is a Roushie sangster-sangwriter, componer, performer o Roushie an Ukrainian fowk sangs an romances, an creautor o project Return of the Silver Age. She is author o muisic an performer o sangs an ballads on poems bi mony Roushie poets o the Siller Age, sic as Osip Mandelstam,[1][2] Nikolay Gumilev,[3] Boris Pasternak,[4]Marina Tsvetaeva, Maksimilian Voloshin, Konstantin Balmont,[5] Alexander Vertinsky[6] an mony ithers, includin Bella Akhmadulina who, accordin tae Novoseltseva, can be viewed as the last poet o Siller Age based on her poetic leid an style.[7][8] Novoseltseva creatit mair nor 300 sangs an publisht maire than 20 muisic albums.

Novoseltseva considers muisic "the missin dimension o poetry".[9] As a pairt o her nan-commercial educational project "Return o Siller Age", she wrote mair nor 200 sangs an ballads an publisht 18 muisic albums, creatit 50 solo concerts, organisit club "Koktebel" that runs regular meetins tae discuss Roushie poetry,[10] an made mair nor 150 appearances at events an gatherigs in libraries, museums, airt hooses an clubs.[11][12] Statit goal o the project is educatin public aboot Roushie poetry o the Siller Age, efter a 70-year ban or neglect durin the Soviet period, an impruivin iveryday Roushie leid uisin poetry.[1][13]

She is marriet an haes three dochters.

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