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Kintra  Yemen
Govrenorate Lahij
Time zone Yemen Staundart Time (UTC+3)

Lahij or Lahej (Arabic: لحج Laḥij) is a ceety an an aurie locatit atween Ta'izz an Aden in Yemen. Frae the 18t tae the 20t century, its rulers were o the Al-Abdali family who wi Al-Sallami, Al-Ramada, Al-Sindi an al-Aqrabi, claims relation tae Ahl al-Bayt (the family o Muhammad). Lahij wis the caipital ceety o Sultanate of Lahej, a protectorate o the Breetish Empire till 1967, when the sultan wis expelled an the ceety became a pairt o Sooth Yemen.

Coordinates: 13°03′N 44°53′E / 13.050°N 44.883°E / 13.050; 44.883

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