Lago Escondido

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Lago Escondido
Lago Escondido2.jpg
Kintra  Argentinae
Region Patagonie
Province Tierra del Fuego Province
Depairtment Ushuaia Depairtment
Population (2001)
 • Tot 71

Lago Escondido is a veelage an lake in the Ushuaia depairtment in Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentinae. As o 2001 it haes a population o 71, growin frae 46 in 1991.

The veelages which thrives lives mainly on loggin an tourism, is locatit 57 km north o Ushuaia. Thare is a major sawmill wirks an timber operation in the aurie.

Lago Escondido is surroondit bi forests an steep muntain ranges. The lake on which the veelage lies (an shares the same name) tends tae chynge color dependin on the sunlicht.

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