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Lafayett Bunnell

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Lafayette Houghton Bunnell (1824-1903), a noted explorer o Yosemite Valley, wis born in Homer, Minnesota. In 1851, Bunnell wis a member o the Mariposa Battalion that became the non-indigenous discoverers o the Yosemite Valley. Discovery wisna the main purpose o the vaige: the Battalion rode oot in rake o Native American tribal leaders involved in recent raids on American settlements. Bunnell splored the Valley an cried mony o its features. Discovery o the Yosemite, an the Indian Weir o 1851 (1880) contains his accoont o his sploration an the actions o the Battalion.

Dr. Bunnell later served as a surgeon in the Civil Weir.

Bunnell Pynt at the aest end o Little Yosemite Valley is cried efter Bunnell.

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