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La Yesca

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La Yesca is a municipality an the municipal seat o the same in the Mexican state o Nayarit. The population o the municipality wis 12,025 (2005) in a total aurie o 2,218.5 km². The population o the toun an municipal seat wis 356 inhabitants in 2005. The population density wis 7 inhabitants per square kilometre, ane o the lawest in the state.

The name is derivit frae a species o porous an soft firth cried "yesca". This firth is foond in the region an catches fire when carvit wi flint.

La Yesca is locatit at the follaeing extreme geographical coordinates: 22° 00’ tae 21° 10’ north latitude an 103° 43’ tae 104° 33’ wast longitude. It is locatit in the soothren pairt o the Sierra Madre Occidental. It is boondit in the north wi the municipality o El Nayar an the state o Jalisco; in the sooth wi this same state an wi the municipalities o Ixtlán del Río an Jala; in the east wi Jalisco, an in the wast wi the municipalities o Jala, Santa María del Oro an El Nayar. See map at [1]

Mountainous zones comprise 95% o the aurie. The main elevations are Sierra el Pinabete at 1,420 mts, la Sierra Pajaritos wi a elevation o 2,500 mts. an la Sierra de Álica wi a elevation o 2,200 mts.

The rivers are: the Río Grande de Santiago, Bolaños, Camotlán, Huaynamota an Jora Viejo.

La Yesca haes vast forest an mineral resources, as well as pasturs for extensive cattle raisin.

The soil is generally rocky, erodit an wi few land for agricultur.

The census o 1995 registered 4,350 indigenous inhabitants, which made up 35.92% o the population. La Yesca haed the seicont lairgest indigenous population in the state efter El Nayar.

The road seestem is precarious an the main means o transport is bi plane.

The economy is based on agricultur, which is amaist aw saisonal. Maist o the plantit aurie is uised for corn. Cattle raisin is the main activity o the municipality an thare wur mair nor 80,000 heid in 1995.

Thare is at least ane active mine for gowd an siller locatit on a 6 km² concession. The project includes twa previous producin mines an a modren millin facility capable o millin 200 tonnes per day o feed. Approximately 200,000 tonnes o tailins are available tae process immediately, wi the tailins conteenin guid grades o baith gowd an siller. See [2]

La Yesca is the main processor o pine firth in the state. It producit 41% o the state total in 1995.

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