Kua Fu

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Kua Fu (Cheenese: 夸父) is a giant in Cheenese meethologie who wished tae captur the sun.[1]

Ane day oot o the blue, Kua Fu wis perplexed bi the Sun's whauraboots at nicht an decidit tae chase an catch the Sun. Wi each stride he gets closer tae the Sun, housomeivver, he coud niver catch up tae it.

He follaed the Sun frae the East tae the Wast, drainin aw rivers an lakes crossin his path as sources o water tae quench his burnin thirst as he closed in on the starn. Housomeivver, he wisna able tae finish his quest acause he dee'd o the extreme heat an exhaustion.

The widden club he wis carryin grew intae a vast forest. In modren day Cheenese uisage, the story o Kua Fu chasin the sun (夸父追日) is uised tae describe a person who fails tae obtain his goal acause he greatly owerestimates hissel.

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