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Keeng Zhou o Shang

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King Zhou
Keeng Zhou o Shang
Keeng o Shang dynasty
Ring1075-1046 BC (29 years)
PredecessorDi Yi
Born1105 BC
Dee'd1046 BC (aged 59)
SpouseConsort Daji
IssueWu Geng
Full name
Faimily name: Zi (子)
Gien name: Shou (受) or Shoude (受德)
Posthumous name
Di Xin (帝辛)
FaitherDi Yi

King Zhou (Cheenese: 紂王; pinyin: Zhòu Wáng) wis the pejorative posthumous name gien tae Di Xin (Cheenese: 帝辛; pinyin: Dì Xīn), the last king o the Shang dynasty o auncient Cheenae.[1] H

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