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The Kawasaki 454 LTD is a motorcycle produced frae 1985 tae 1990, kent as the EN450 an aw. It is the forerunner o the Kawasaki Vulcan, an ither than the V-twin ingine ( different size ) an seat, it is a carbon copy o the Kawasaki Vulcan 750. The ingine wis a precise copy o the Kawasaki Ninja 900's, wi twa less cylinders. The Kawasaki 900 haed a 908cc ingine. Removin twa cylinders frae the 4 cylinder dividit the number o cc's bi twa. (908/2 = 454, thus the name). Includit wis the liquid coolin, the double owerheid camshafts an fower valves per cylinder. This gave it a great deal o pouer for its size, revvin tae 10,000 RPM. The 454 is considered a guid starter bike for haein a law seat heicht an licht weight. The Kawasaki 454 is weel kent for its hie rate o acceleration, haein raced against a 454 ls big block Chevrolet Corvette an beatin it tae baith 0-60 an the quarter mile bi mair nor a second.[1]

Despite the 440 being its predecessor in the sale middle size displacement motorcycles designed bi Kawasaki, the twa shared amaist nothin in design, as the Kawasaki 440 haed a single owerheid camshaft an haed ae twa valves per cylinder, an wis air cooled, producin ae 27 horsepouer tae the 454's 50 horsepouer. Baith motorcycles wur hichtlie reliable an law maintenance, but for different reasons, as the 440 wis juist a vera simple machine tae service, an the 454 needit little maintenance ower time as a result o its belt drive final gear an ither lang lastin components.

The Kawasaki 454 wis discontinued in favor o the Kawasaki Vulcan 500 wi amaist nae increase in horsepouer despite the lairger ingine size. The reason for the switch tae the near identical Vulcan 500 wis that manufacture o the 908cc Ninja haed ceased in 1990, an wis replaced bi the 1000cc Ninja. The Vulcan 500 wis designed vera much the same as the 454, again wi hauf the displacement o its Ninja coonterpairt.

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