Kasari River

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Kasari River
River moothMatsalu Bay, Väinameri, Easter Seas
Pheesical chairacteristics
Lenth112 km

The Kasari is a river in wastren Estonie that drains intae the Matsalu Bay which is pairt o Väinameri. Thare is a pedestrian brig ower it which wis built in 1904 an wis the langest concrete brig in Europe at the time. The river itsel is 112km long, an is the fowert langest river in Estonie. The river is open 24 oors a day, an haes free pairkin an information buirds, an is hame tae a variety o fish, includin pike an roach.[1]

Historic Kasari bridge

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Coordinates: 58°43′41.13″N 23°59′40.45″E / 58.7280917°N 23.9945694°E / 58.7280917; 23.9945694