Just de Noailles, Duke o Mouchy

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Just de Noailles
Duke o Mouchy
Antonin Claude Dominique Just de Noailles (1777-1846).jpg
Full name
Antonin Claude Dominique Just de Noailles
Born22 August 1777(1777-08-22)
Dee'd1 August 1846(1846-08-01) (aged 68)
Spoose(s)Mélanie de Talleyrand
FaitherPhilippe Louis de Noailles
MitherAnne Louise Marie de Beauvau

Just de Noailles, Duke o Mouchy (Antonin Claude Dominique Just; 22 August 1777 – 1 August 1846), wis a french nobleman and member o the prestigious Hoose o Noailles. He wis the 7th Prince o Poix then (frae 1834) 4th Spanish Duke o Mouchy, 3rd French Duke o Mouchy and Duke of Poix. He also acted as a Politeecian.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 11 Mey 1803, he mairit Françoise Xavière Mélanie Honorine de Talleyrand (1785-1863) a niece o Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, Prince o Talleyrand.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Charles Philippe Henri de Noailles (1808–1854), (5th) Duke o Mouchy, Prince o Poix mairit Anne Marie Cécile de Noailles an haed childer.
  2. Charles Antonin de Noailles, Coont o Noailles (Mairch 13 1810 – August 24, 1852 mairit Anne Marie Elena Cosvelt.
  3. Amédée Adelaide Louis de Noailles (October 9 1811 – Februar 27 1860)
  4. Angelica Léontine Sabine Alexandrine de Noailles (May 13, 1819 – Paris – March 20, 1870) mairit Lionel Widdrington-Standish.