Joseph Marie de Boufflers, Duke o Boufflers

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Joseph Marie de Boufflers
Duke o Boufflers
Joseph Marie de Boufflers.png
Boufflers bi Nattier.
Full name
Joseph Marie de Boufflers
Born 22 Mey 1706
Dee'd 2 Julie 1747 (aged 41)
Genoa, Italy
Spoose(s) never mairit
nae childer
Faither Louis François de Boufflers
Mither Catherine Charlotte de Gramont
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Joseph Marie de Boufflers, Duke o Boufflers (22 Mey 1706 - 2 Julie 1747) wis the son an hier o Marshal-Duke o Boufflers. He wis also a relation o Marie Françoise de Beauvau , "Madame de Boufflers". He wis the second Duke o Boufflers. His mither wis a daughter o Antoine Charles de Gramont, Duke o Gramont.