Joseph Marie de Boufflers, Duke o Boufflers

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Joseph Marie de Boufflers
Duke o Boufflers
Joseph Marie de Boufflers.png
Boufflers bi Nattier.
Full name
Joseph Marie de Boufflers
Born22 Mey 1706
Dee'd2 Julie 1747 (aged 41)
Genoa, Italy
Spoose(s)never mairit
nae childer
FaitherLouis François de Boufflers
MitherCatherine Charlotte de Gramont
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Joseph Marie de Boufflers, Duke o Boufflers (22 Mey 1706 - 2 Julie 1747) wis the son an hier o Marshal-Duke o Boufflers. He wis also a relation o Marie Françoise de Beauvau , "Madame de Boufflers". He wis the second Duke o Boufflers. His mither wis a daughter o Antoine Charles de Gramont, Duke o Gramont.