Josep Llorens i Artigas

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Josep Llorens i Artigas
Born16 Juin 1892(1892-06-16)
Dee'd11 December 1980(1980-12-11) (aged 88)

Josep Llorens i Artigas (16 Juin 1892 – 11 December 1980) wis a Spaingie ceramic airtist kent for his collaboration wi Joan Miró. He is creditit wi relaunchin ceramics as a European airt shape.

Life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Artigas wis born in Barcelona on 16 Juin 1892. He went tae Escola superior d'arts i indústries i belles airts. He wirkit as a airt creetic on the Barcelona-based newspaper La Veu.[1] Artigas went tae Fraunce an he wrote a thesis on Egyptian pottery an their blue glazes at the Sorbonne.[2] In 1924 he haed a studio on the rue Blomet in Paris.[3] Thare he jyned the avant-garde jynin a group oreeginally stairtit bi Gustave Courbet. He met Albert Marquet, Raoul Dufy,[1] Pablo Picasso, Luis Buñuel an Georges Braque.[4]

In 1930 Buñuel creatit the surrealist film L'Age d'Or which includit actors who wur tae be famous airtists like Max Ernst. Llorens Artigas plays a govrenor who lays a foondation stane.[5]

In 1936 he returned tae Barcelona durin the Spainyie Ceevil War. He earned his livin bi teachin ceramics. In 1941 he began tae extend his influence ower ceramics when he became a teacher at the Escuela Massana in Barcelona. In 1944 he stairtit his, an his faimilies, lang pairtnership wi Joan Miró initially creatin vases.[3]

In 1953 Miró an Artigas wirkit at Artigas's studio in Gallifa near Barcelona. Thare they creatit "firestones" which they exhibitit unner their jynt names includin in 1956 a jynt exhibeetion in New York. The follaein year the twa wirkit on a mural for the UNESCO heidquairters[3] an for the Varsity o Harvard. It wis Artigas's role tae render Miro's designs intae the 585 ceramics plates.[1] The tiles that made up the twa murals for the UNESCO biggin wur creatit in Gallifa an Miro supervisit their instawation in Paris. The murals are cried "The Waw o the Sun" an "The Waw of the Muin".[2] They were originally displayed outside but they are now contained within a building built to preserve them. Miro was to win a Guggenheim Prize for one of the murals in 1958.[6]

The twa wirkit thegither till Artigas's failin halth meant that his son, Joan Gardy Artigas, teuk ower his role.[1]

Llorens i Artigas dee'd in 1980 in his hame ceety. In 1989 his son set up a foondation in the name o his faither which exists tae impruive baith airtists an their airt.[4]

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