Jonathan Lee

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Jonathan Lee
Background information
Cheenese name李宗盛
PinyinLǐ Zōngshèng (Mandarin)
Born (1958-07-19) 19 Julie 1958 (age 65)
Taipei, Taiwan
Ither name(s)Lee Tsung Sheng
ThriftRecord producer, sangster, sangwriter
Instrument(s)Guitar, piano
Label(s)Rock Records
Associatit actsSuperband
Spoose(s)Rosita Chu (1988-1997)
Sandy Lam (1998-2004)
BairnsLi Xi Er

Jonathan Lee (Cheenese: 李宗盛; pinyin: Lǐ Zōngshèng; born 19 Julie 1958 in Taipei, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese record producer, sangster, an sangwriter. Throuoot the mid-1980s throu the 1990s, he componit leerics an melodies for numerous muisical airtists in the Rock Records label, includin Angus Tung, Sarah Chen, Sandy Lam, Sylvia Chang, Winnie Hsin, Tarcy Su, Jeff Chang, Jackie Chan, Zhao Chuan, an Wakin Chau.[1]

Lee is hailed as ane o the godfaithers o Taiwanese Mandopop. He wis ane o the maist successfu producers o the 1990s an 2000s an haes been creditit wi biggin Rock Records intae the foremaist independent label in Asie. Mony sangs he wrote for Sarah Chen, Chao Chuan, Sandy Lam, Winnie Hsin, Jeff Chang an Wa Wa Jin Zhijuan became No. 1 hits. Lee produces the occasional solo album for hissel an aw an hae recordit duets wi mony o his airtists.

In 1998 Jonathan Lee divorcit his first wife an marriet Sandy Lam, ane o his airtists at Rock Records. Thay hae a dochter Li Xi Er (李喜兒). The couple eventually divorcit in 2004.

Recently Lee hae formit "Super Band" wi three ither popular Taiwanese airtists at Rock Records: Wakin Chau, Luo Dayou an Chang Chen-yue.

Contributions for ither airtists[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Zhao Chuan: I Am a Little Bird, How to Say I Love You, I Am So Confused
  • Jackie Chan: A Vigorous Aspiration in My Mind, How Come
  • Jeff Chang: Love Like the Tides, I Do Love You
  • Sarah Chen: Walk Your Own Way, Dream to Awakening, Is it Right to Love You, So Transparent Is My Heart (duet wi Jackie Chan), Questions About Love, Love in Progress
  • Sandy Lam: Bygone Love, Scars, I Suffered for You, Dark Night
  • Sylvia Chang: Busy and Blind, The Price of Love
  • Tarcy Su: Every Day in My Life (duet wi Jackie Chan), I Live Alone
  • Wakin Chau: You Make Me Happy and Sad
  • Winnie Hsin: Understanding, It's Not All My Fault to Love Him

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  • Lyrics o sangs componed bi Lee: [1] (in Cheenese)