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John Walker DD MD
Rev Dr John Walker, Edinburgh's Professor o Naitural History
Born 1731
Canongate, Edinburgh
Died 31 December 1803
Eddication Canongate Grammar School
Alma mater Edinburgh Varsity (DD; MD)
Thrift Professor o naitural history, Varsity o Edinburgh; moderator o the General Assemmly o the Kirk o Scotland
Notable wirk(s) Schediasma Fossilium (1781)
Delineato Fossilium (1782)
Classes Fossilium: Sive Characteres Naturales et Chymici Classium et Ordinum in Systemate Minerali (1787)
Institutes of Natural History (1792)
An economical history of the Hebrides and Highlands of Scotland (1808)
Essays on Natural History and Rural Economy (1812)
Hauf-marrae(s) Jane Wallace Wauchope (m. 1789; d. 1827)

John Walker DD MD FRSE (1731–1803) wis a Scots meenister an naitural historian.