John Pemberton

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John Pemberton
John Pemberton.jpg
John Stith Pemberton
Born 8 Julie 1831(1831-07-08)
Knoxville, Georgie, USA
Died 16 August 1888(1888-08-16) (aged 57)
Atlanta, Georgie, USA
Restin place
Linwood Cemetery in Columbus, Georgie
Thrift Chemist
Kent for Coca-Cola
Hauf-marrae(s) Ann Eliza Clifford Lewis
Childer 1
Parents James Clifford Pemberton (faither)
Martha L. Gant (mither)

John Stith Pemberton (Julie 8, 1831 – August 16, 1888) wis an American pharmacist, an is best kent for bein the inventor o Coca-Cola.