Jeremy Irons

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Jeremy Irons
BornJeremy John Irons
(1948-09-19) 19 September 1948 (age 75)
Cowes, Isle o Wight, Ingland
Years active1969–present
Bairns2; includin Max Irons

Jeremy John Irons (born 19 September 1948)[1] is an Inglis actor. Efter receivin clessical trainin at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Irons begoud his actin career on stage in 1969 an haes syne appeared in mony West End theatre productions, includin The Winter's Tale, Macbeth, Much Ado About Nothing, The Taming of the Shrew, Godspell, Richard II, an Embers. In 1984, he made his Broadway debut in Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing an received a Tony Awaird for Best Actor.

Irons's first major film role came in the romantic drama The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981), for that he received a BAFTA nomination for Best Actor. Efter starnin in dramas, sic as Moonlighting (1982), Betrayal (1983), an The Mission (1986), he wis praised for portrayin twin gynaecologists in David Cronenberg's psychological thriller Dead Ringers (1988). Irons wan multiple awairds, includin the Academy Awaird for Best Actor, for his portrayal o the accused attempted murtherer Claus von Bülow in Reversal of Fortune (1990).

Ither films hae included Steven Soderbergh's mee stery thriller Kafka (1991), the period drama The House of the Spirits (1993), the romantic drama M. Butterfly (1993), the vyce o Scar in Disney's The Lion King (1994), Simon Gruber in the action film Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), the drama Lolita (1997), Musketeer Aramis in The Man in the Iron Mask (1998), the action adventur Dungeons & Dragons (2000), the drama The Merchant of Venice (2004), the drama Being Julia (2004), the epic historical drama Kingdom of Heaven (2005), the fantasie-adventur Eragon (2006), the Western Appaloosa (2008), an the indie drama Margin Call (2011). In 2016, he appeared in Assassin's Creed an, startin that year, haes portrayed Alfred Pennyworth in the DC Extended Universe, beginnin wi Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice an reprisin the role in Justice League (2017).

Irons haes an aw made mony appearances in telly dramas. He earned his first Gowden Globe Awaird nomination for his brak-oot role in the ITV series Brideshead Revisited (1981). In 2005, Irons appeared in the historical miniseries Elizabeth I, for that he received a Gowden Globe Awaird an an Emmy Awaird for Best Supportin Actor. Frae 2011 tae 2013, he starned as Pape Alexander VI in the Showtime historical series The Borgias. He is ane o the few actors that hae achieved the "Triple Croun o Actin", winnin an Academy Awaird for film, an Emmy Awaird for telly an a Tony Awaird for theatre. In October 2011, he wis nominated the Goodwill Ambassador for the Fuid an Agricultur Organisation o the Unitit Naitions.

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