Jensen S-V8

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Jensen S-V8
Manufacturer Jensen Motors
Production 2001-2002
Assembly Speke
Designer Howard Guy an Gary Doy[1]
Body and chassis
Body style Twa-door convertible
Ingine 4.6 L V8

The Jensen S-V8 is the maist recent in a series o Jensen caurs.

Efter a £9 million investment the caur wis launched at the 1998 Breetish Internaitional Motor Show, wi an initial production run o 300 deposit paid vehicles planned at a sellin price o £40,000 each, troubles wi manufacture production ceased wi ae 20 iver leavin the factory an anither 18 caurs left partially completed.

The Jensen name an partially completed caurs wur later sold tae an ingineerin firm, who decidit tae complete the build o 12 o the caurs, retainin the ithers for spares, an finally sellin them for £38,500.

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