Java Destrict

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Java Destrict

General information
Aurie: 1,448 km²
Population: 10,000 (est)
Subdiveesion: 2 touns, 104 veelages
Regional centre: Java

Java (Georgie: ჯავის მუნიციპალიტეტი) is a destrict o Georgie, in the region o Shida Kartli. The entire destrict is locatit in the pairtly recognizit Republic o Sooth Ossetie (Dzau Destrict o Sooth Ossetie) an haes no been unner control o Georgie govrenment syne 1992. Roki Tunnel, a strategic pass linkin Sooth Ossetie wi Roushie, is locatit in the destrict.

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