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Jaklin Çarkçı (born 1958) is a mezzo-soprano o the Istanbul State Opera in Turkey.[1][2][3]

Life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Born in Istanbul, Turkey tae a faimily o Armenie strynd, Jaklin was introducit tae opera at an early age bi her faither, Jirayr Çarkçı, who wis ane o the first soloists o the Istanbul State Opera theatre.[2][3][4] She is a graduate o the Liceo Italiano schuil in Istanbul.

Jaklin Çarkçı's career began wi a 1988 debut as Azuncena in Giuseppe Verdi's Il trovatore at the Istanbul State Opera.[2][5] As a result o her success as a soloist, the State Opera Ballet selectit her tae become a pairt o its soloist staff. She became well-kent for her ower 150 performances as the teetle character o the famous opera Carmen.[2] She toured an performit in places such as Belaroushie, Sofia, an Solothurn.[2] Efter bein awairdit the "Prime Meenistry Information an Guid Manners Scholarship" bi the Turkis Meenistry o Cultur in 1993-1994, she went tae Italy whaur she wirkit wi renouned conductors an stage managers such as Robert Wagner, Roberto Benzi, Lucas Caritions, Letizia Cavani, Giancarlo del Monaco.[2] She haes wirkit wi sopranos such as Leyla Gencer an aw an wis taucht bi Carlo Bergonzi an Giacomo Aragall.[1][2] In 2005 in Foggia, Italy, she wan the 1st place in the Umberto Giordano Singin Contest.[1] Çarkçı wan first place representin Turkey in the Renata Tabeladi Singin Contest an aw, wi 99.3 points oot o 100.[1][2] Çarkçı speaks Armenie, Italian, Inglis, Turkis, Laitin an Spainyie.[2] Jaklin Çarkçı's lung capacity is 115% (an average body bein 100%) which she claims allous her tae sing better.[2]

Çarkçı claims that she is no anerlie a muisicker but sees hersel as a guid example o a contemporary Turkis wumman. In her awn wirds: "A am the secular wumman o Atatürk's Turkey (Atatürk Türkiye'sinin laik kadınıyım").[4]

Legacy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Her dochter Sirel Yakupoğlu is a airtist o the Istanbul State Opera an aw.[6]

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